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20-21 May 2021, Emperors Palace

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Awesome Speakers

Heavyweight list of speakers at our mid-year edition Conferences at Emperors Palace.


Delegates from all over join us at our events. Esteemed individuals of different organizations.

6 Programs

Our programs are seasonal, each year we harvest the best knowledge acquired so it can be given to clients raw.

Brainstorming Ideas

Meet and greet on every event is essential, hence we make it an opportunity of brainstorming all ideas.

50 Seats

ln respect to our policies, we will abide with law, meaning bookings will be limited, the sooner the better.


Our standards will always match that of our speakers and delegates , hence Emperors Palace, Kempton Park.

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Our Speakers
matthew hains
Matthew Hains

Computer applications Technology guru and award winning teacher at SAHETI, woow. The TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION CONFERENCE will be well vested with vibrant speakers on the 20th and 21st of May 2021.

jed harris
Jedd Harris

Co-Founder of Disrupt Tutoring, and yes we had to involve the young minds for the Technology in Schools conference, with a passionate EdTech Developer. 

Shari josep
Shari Joseph

Founder and Managing Director of Eduvation Network, Entrepreneurship and Life Long Learner, will mentor and advise on the policy analysis in-depth. 

Karen walstra
Karen P. Walstra

EduTech Integration Consultant, in this School Technology Conference she will be addressing issues that will change the educational challenges.

Jani Prinsloo
Jani Prinsloo

Instructional Designer and Lecturer at Higher Education Partners in Africa. intensely skilled in Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning. Curriculum Development and Personnel Management.

Bronwyn Desjardins
Bronwyn Desjardins

Digital Learning Coach and Apple distinguished Educator. Technology specialist with so much experience in training and consultations. She is the best in her line of business.

Mr Ajit G
Ajit Gopalakrishnan

Head of Odin Education at Jendamark Automation. Forward thinking and well vested in Industry 4.0 technologies. His passion is about people, amazing.

Justin barry
Justin Barry

Managing Director at EDU360 Integrated Remedial Education, his smile says it all and, children are always the center of his discussions.

Nikki Williamson
Nikki Williamson

Instructional Designer and Facilitator at Eiffelcorp

  • Johannesburg

oliver dick
Oliver Dick

Blended Learning Lead at Spark Schools. One irreplaceable gentleman with an amazing dream of designing and writing literature for CHILDREN. Now that is just amazing!

Mohammed Sahib
Mohamed Sahib

Classroon Success Manager at Microsoft. With 7+ years in the Education arena, Mr Sahib is "Growing Great Teachers" through digital transformation.

Marie-Anne Kleynhans

Managing Director at EDUPAC, one who simplifies education management information  solutions, highly involved in Software Development.

andi fisa...
Andi Fisanich

The Head of Humanitarian Programs at Wingcopter will be joining us for our Drones and Unmanned Aviation conference, from German.

Jack Shilubana

Managing Director of Ntiyiso Consulting will be at the panel as one of our well versed champion on Drones and Unmanned Aviation conference.

kim james
Kim James

UAV Aerial works and Drone Guards SACCA Drone operator will be spear heading some major topics as well in this highly expected Drones and Unmanned Aviation Conference

queen n
Queen Ndlovu

Managing Director at South Africa Flying Labs, CEO and founder of QP Drone Tech will be navigating the minds of many in the Drones and Unmanned Aviation Conference.

Desi Ekstein
Desi Ekstein (USA)

Adjunct Instructor of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). She is in unmanned industry and also known as "Drone Diva Desi." Lead FAAS Team representative Drone Pro in San Diego.

Dean Polley
Dean Polley

Founder and CEO of SSASS Holdings. Director of Aviation Association of Southern Africa NPC (CAASA). The gentleman has experience in the area of Drones up in his sleeves.

Brownyn McClement

Marketing manager of OPTRON Group. Drones and Unmanned Aviation Conference in June will be well influenced even in the surveying and marketing field. Much to be initiated.

Bertus VAN ZYL
Bertus Van Zyl

An entrepreneur and engineer with MBA from UCT, with more than 30 years of business management. Perfectly positioned to manage in today's fast-changing technology driven environment.

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